1) What is a 72 hour kit?

A 72 Hour kit is a supply of products that are designed to provide a person or family with the essential items needed in the event of an emergency. This kit would contain the items needed to either help or provide you with the means of supporting yourself in some of the following areas:

Containers - To put supplies in, a pillowcase, backpack, or 2 grocery store bags together one inside the other.

Water - Empty soda pop bottles are cheap and work well. (though not recommended)

Change of clothes - in zip lock bags ... summer - loose fitting, long sleeved shirts, pants, shade hats; winter - sweat-shirts, extra socks, stocking cap, also underwear, shoes. (many layers of clothing works best in the cold)

Shelter - tarps, tent, tube tent, 5-10 plastic garbage bags and duct tape, wire, rope

Food - non perishable, no cooking needed, lightweight. Think twice about foods that need water (dehydrated foods, dried fruits, jerky - you'll have to have more water in your kit to use them.)

 2) Why have 72 hour kits?

 Throughout North America, there are so many different natural and man made disasters that take place. Examples of this are, Earthquakes, Fires, Roods, Drought, Tornados, Hurricanes, Hail Stones, Snow Storms, Mud Slides, Truck Strikes, loss of Job, Hazardous Material Spills, War, Water Contamination, Electrical Failure, Broken Pipes. Each of these can result in a small inconvenience or escalate into a serious situation or even death. Whether we're at home or work, driving or on vacation, each of us is at risk. With a little planning and a 72 hour kit, you will be better able to deal with any emergencies that might arise.

The first 72 hours of any emergency is considered the most crucial time. Outside resources from family, church, Red Cross and government agencies usually takes 72 hours to get set up and become organized to deal with the problems at hand. You then will be responsible for the first 72 hours. The 72 Hour Kit would have water, food, shelter, candles, matches, first aid supplies, a radio and/or any items that you have stored to help you survive.

We all carry insurance on ourselves, our car and homes. A 72 hour kit is survival insurance. Consider for a moment: How well would you and your family have faired in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew or the Arizona Floods of 1983? How about the riots in L.A. or the snow storms back east in '1994, or how about the California Earthquakes? How well would you do with no running water, electricity, gas, heat or stores open for 2 - 3 or even 4 days? Your 72 hour kit will allow you the peace of mind to know you are prepared and will better be able to weather the storms ahead.

If you know of a problem before it happens, you can then prepare for it. In some cases, we might not have the time or resources to prepare, and you might only have the time to grab your 72 hour kit and run.

Assemble needed items from what you have around the house for each person in the family, then work to purchase other needed items, or upgrade to better suited items for your family’s needs. Don't trust any one list for 72 hour kits. None can suit every need and every family. Make kits suited to YOU, while trying to cover the general areas.

How to plan a 72 Hour Kit