KS UNLIMITED was founded in Rigby, Idaho to help people prepare for emergencies in their homes, and on their travels before a disaster strikes them. We have expanded to showcase fun and unusual gifts as well as useful tools and services. However the main focus is still with getting out the word that as times become more unstable, we need to be ready to take care of ourselves. With the weather becoming more extreme and natural disaster more devastating ( the population density of effected areas is growing fast ) it puts a greater strain on the governmental and private aid and relief infrastructures of all communities. In my lifetime the population of the United Sates has nearly tripled.

It was shown again in 2005 that emergency relief is not going to be there within the first few days of any catastrophe, and that we must be prepared to care for ourselves until help can get to us. Are we going to be ready when the "big one" strikes again.

Emergencies can and do happen with little or no warning. Emergency conditions can occur at home or when we travel, with unexpected snow storms, mechanical failures and evacuation orders, just to name a few, These unforeseen events can leave us in our vehicles for long periods of time without access to food, water and shelter.  Therefore we must be ready to care for not only our families but our pets as well. 

Our mission is to provide you, with the best possible online shopping experience for the emergency and survival items you may need, as well as links to fun and interesting items and information.


Being prepared is the best defense