WATER to be placed WITHIN each person's pack:

1. Small ONE liter soda pop bottles

Safeway has them filled with seltzer, you can add this seltzer to any frozen juice in place of water when reconstituting, for a sugar-free, healthy soda pop _ (sodium or salt free tastes best), then use the bottles after washing them for water IN the pack. Add Aerobic 07 and the water should remain pure for at least 5 years.

2. Plastic water bottles

Squirt bottle. For biking, hiking, etc. are good. Make sure they are clean and add Aerobic 07 for stabilization. In time, any plastic container can make the water taste a bit like plastic.

3. Small Mylar sealed water pouches

These are purchased already prepared and hold about 1/2 cup (4 oz) of water each. These will store for at least 5 years. Coast guard recommended.


4. Water in Foil boxes

These are like the little juice boxes with straws from the grocery store. They hold just over 1 cup of water (8.45 oz.) and are very easy to use without spilling compared to the water pouches which must be torn open and drank out of. These go by the brand name • Aqua Blox".


5. Emergency Cans of Water

They may not be the best choice because of the weight of the can, but will do and will keep for the five years.


1. Canteens

There are many styles and sizes to choose from. Again remember to be sure the container is clean, and add Aerobic 07 to the water for long term protection.

2. Soda Pop Bottles with carrying straps

Straps have been added to convert them to a canteen that can be carried over the shoulder. The straps clamp on under the bottle lid and go under various brand names such as "Bottle Buddy· or “Bottle Maten. Smaller children could carry 1 liter bottles and older children and adults could carry 2 liter bottles. These are very inexpensive ways to get canteen style containers for your family.

3. Water Bottles

Use the type that can strap to your belt, or are part of a fanny pack.

Water Containers to be Transported or Pulled

(These containers can be part of your 2 week supply of water stored in the home if they are transportable.)

1. Water boxes with Mylar Bags

These CAN be transported, but are not Ideal, as boxes can split apart under rough conditions, or disintegrate in the rain, and make carrying the bags difficult

2. Picnic-Type Coolers

The kind with a spigot at the bottom (like the orange kind construction workers use), would be very good and easy to use. They are very durable and come in many sizes. They are available at grocery stores, camping stores, discount department stores, and the Price Club. Prices and sales vary.

3. Plastic Camping Style Water containers

There are all kinds available in many sizes. Stores that sell camping equipment and water specialty stores sell them. It is not a good Idea to plan your portable water in the 5 gallon plastic water bottles designed to set on top of water dispensers because they would be very hard to pour and use in an outdoor situation.

4. Pulling your Water Containers

Almost anything on wheels can be utilized - luggage pullers, baby strollers, wagons, carts, wheelbarrows, golf bag pullers, etc. Strap the water container securely with rope or bungee cords. Over rough terrain, the larger the wheels are the better. If at all possible have some of these ready to go; and/or make a list with your water containers of where they are located.

What if you are in the desert?