Are you prepared?

While searching for useful information, my wife presented me with the following information that she had help compile some years back for a church organization to distribute to its members to help them should an emergency arise. She was more than glad to share this. I publish it here to help others. The purpose of this part of my site is to inform and assist all that seek to Be-Prepared!!


Why do we need to be prepared?

What if there is a sudden, catastrophic emergency (that occurs with no warning), catching you and your family wherever you are, whatever you're doing. Probably the most vital factor here is what you KNOW, and what you know how to DO. You may be far from your kits, how to book; and supplies. Your grasp of the situation, cool thinking, and swift action may save your own and other's lives. Would you or your family know what to do if a dam were to break? A tornado strikes? A flood flashes through your neighborhood? A friend or loved one has heart attack ? There is a wildfire raging near your home or work? There is a chemical spill? When lightning strikes someone or you home? A major hurricane strikes? That once in a lifetime earth quakes happens? The terrorists finally get that dirty bomb and radiation falls ? 

We have to be ready to take care of ourselves, it has been proven time and again, a major catastrophic event leaves those involved to their own means for several days before organized help can arrive.  That is why we need to keep 3days (72 hours) worth of food, water, first aid supplies and even temporary shelter ready. We can not just say, well we have can goods and a full refrigerator/freezer to fall back on. How fast can you pack if your house is burning or going under water. Even if your home is not damaged, what happens if the power goes out? If the water supply and gas supply is cut off? Will you be ready?

How much water do you need?

What is a 72 hour kit?